Dear Valued MySchoolFees Customer,

On May 19th, 2015, at approximately 3:00 PM PST, the server hosting the MySchoolFees and TES Software web sites experienced a security breach from unknown attackers. The breach was discovered within minutes, the server was shut down, and the damage was minimized to the alteration of our home pages, where a graphic was placed announcing the “hack” of our web sites. In the graphic, the attackers claimed our data had been breached, but, after review, this does not appear to be true.

As a reminder to our customers, we do not store credit card information of ANY kind on our server, other than the “last four” mask (**********1234) used to help identify a transaction. As credit card numbers and CVC codes are not physically stored on the server, it was IMPOSSIBLE for attackers to obtain this information.

We are actively taking the following steps to alleviate the problem, and will keep our client base informed as they progress.

1. Our server has been shutdown to all external traffic while the investigation is ongoing.
2. We are performing a detailed investigation to find out how the breach occurred, and what was compromised.
3. We have contracted with a third party investigator (Trustwave Spiderlabs Forensics) to perform a forensic investigation on our server.
4. We will get our server up and functional as quickly as possible.
5. We will take steps to enhance security and strengthen our network infrastructure to provide greater protection.

As of now, we believe will be back up and processing sometime Friday, May 22nd. We greatly appreciate your patience as we work through this problem.


Bill Tatton
TES Software